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Privacy Policy for the Website

Article 1.

SILLAGE DOO BEOGRAD-Stari Grad,  Kralja Petra street no. 44, RN: 21466573, TIN: 111345932  (hereinafter: Operator) undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of personal data related to the use of the services, and the secrecy of the communication of users on the Primehome site, providing real estate brokerage services, that is, the Internet platform controlled by Sillage, located at, (hereinafter: the site) in accordance with applicable regulations.

The Operator will not be held responsibility for any infringement of the privacy and security rights of third parties by the Internet.

The Operator shall immediately report any violations of the privacy and security of users to the competent state authorities.

Article 2.

The Operator processes the necessary data of those users who have consented to the processing, for a clearly defined purpose for which the consent has been given, in a legally permitted manner so that the data subject is not determined or determinable even after the purpose of processing is achieved, and in proportion to the purpose of the processing.

The data to be processed must be true and complete, and must be based on a credible source, that is, a non-obsolete source.

Article 3.

Prior to collecting data, the Operator shall inform the data subject of the following:

  • That the person responsible for the data collection is Operator;
  • That the purpose of collecting and processing data is to ensure the smooth functioning of the site, the safety of the site users and to enable real estate brokering and leasing in accordance with the law, the execution of brokerage contracts, as well as promotional notices;
  • To use the collected information in a way that allows identification of the persons concerned, in accordance with good business practices, professional secrecy and the law;
  • That the persons using the data are those employed by the Operator who is authorized to use the data, the persons with whom the user enters into legal relations in connection with the conclusion of the contract of sale or lease (to the extent necessary for the realization of that relationship), as well as all state bodies exercising the right to use data based on the law and/or court decision;
  • That the giving of personal data is voluntary and that no one who wants to be a user of the site is obliged to leave any data, but that the data is obligatory in the sense of the Law on Obligations, the Law on Mediation in Traffic and Real Estate Lease, The Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act, the Electronic Commerce Act and the Advertising Act, to exercise rights under those laws;
  • That the user who has consented to the collection and processing of the data can withdraw his/her consent at any time and without justification, which, as a legal consequence, results in the termination of the use of the site, the maturity of all arrears arising during the term of the user relationship, and thus ceases any further collection and processing of data by the withdrawing authority;
  • In case of unauthorized processing, users have the right on protection of personal data, as well as other rights those are legally assigned to them.

The information collected for the purposes indicated above is: name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail, and IP address of each individual access to the Internet platform.

The information collected for the purpose of mediation for the purpose of fulfilling the mediation contract in the sense of the Law on Mediation in Traffic and Lease of Real Estate, the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, as well as the fulfilment of the order of the client from the contract on mediation in real estate or lease of real estate are: name and last name, date and place of birth and place of residence, as well as a photo of ID card (both sides) or ID card read or passport (personal information page).

Article 4.

The Operator is not responsible for the accuracy of the data that he has provided or provided to the Operator by other persons, nor for the result of any eventual processing of data that had such data for the subject.

Article 5.

The Operator respects the privacy of the site user. The Operator shall not disclose information from the registration process and other user information to third parties, except for the purpose and under the conditions specified in this Privacy Policy and when explicitly prescribed by law.

Article 6.

The Operator may, in accordance with the law, collect certain visit data obtained during the use of the site. This information may be used by the Operator to provide information to improve his site, and in particular to further direct and customize its content to visitors and users.

Article 7.

The user undertakes to provide security, data integrity and access rights to the resources of his own computer network connected to the Internet.

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